Info :

If your going to Curacao for vacation or business you’re here at the right place.We offer quality cars at the most competitive rates.With the best service in town we offer free pick-up and drop off to any location on the  island. Let us make your trip easier, we can arrange to pick you up at the airport and drop you of at your hotel and Vice versa free of charge.

Why we offer free pickup?

First of all after a long flight for sure your tired to drive to your hotel.We can pick you up and bring you to your hotel.Your car will be at your hotel waiting for you.You will save a lot of you valuable time of your vacation. The day of your return flight you can just leave your car at your hotel and we can pick u up and drop you at the airport.


Free telephone and prepaid sim card available!
*On Request Only*

When renting a car we can borrow you a mobile telephone and local sim card, So you can be available to your family 24 hours a day in Curacao. All this for FREE !!!!!